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What is SecUnity?

Sec-Unity is a project of EPM Global that aims to encourage the security industry to work together towards continuous development of performance standards.
Our ultimate goal is to contribute towards the personal development of skills and character for operational teams in our industry. We have created this space for the sake of BREAKING THE BARRIERS OF UNHEALTHY COMPETITION.

Through Sec-Unity we utilise not only our own skills, but also those professional individuals we have trusted, worked with, and admired throughout the years.  Together we have created programs of world class trainings that encourage the share of expertise, experience, and knowledge.  We have engaged respected ex-military professionals alongside the most experienced individuals from the security industry, who turn the years of their on-the-ground experience and operational expertise into wholesome learning modules, both theoretical and practical.

training offer

Customised Tactical Training

This offer is made with all our contractors, partners, colleagues, clients, and security professionals in mind. During this course we commit to extend your desired skills within the areas of weapons familiarisation and firearms skills, medical training, risk assessment and mitigation, staying safe and effective whilst undertaking work, hostile environment scenarios, personal security, common threats, vehicle security, evasive and advanced driving plus many more individually requested modules.

Firearms courses

Our Firearms training courses are all conducted on our s100% live-firing shooting range in Poland. Our instructors are ex-military professionals with years of shooting training experience and we welcome learners of all level of weapon familiarity.


The weapons available:

AR-15, AK-47, MP5, Glock 17/19


Our training program strictly depends on the individual needs of our clients. However, we always keep the safety and professional execution of the trainings as our top priority. We ensure that the training need and weapon skill of our learners are thoroughly examined, and we base our course content on this knowledge.

Advanced Medical Training

We offer Ofqual Regulated Qualifications through comprehensive, hands-on courses provide the knowledge and practical skills need to deal with a range of prehospital emergency care situations. They cover management of trauma and much more. The courses are delivered by world class ex-military medics, trained in the UK as well as US, with years of on-ground experience.

Hostile Environment Advanced Training (H.E.A.T)

Our H.E.A.T training is designed for all individuals who professionally require travelling and working in the Hostile Environments. It works equally well for those who had worked in Hostile Environments and need to refresh their trainings and up their skills, as for those who did not yet have Hostile Environment exposure.

As we believe the H.E.A.T training should always be tailored to the individual needs of our learners, depending on the type and length of their missions as well as the level of experience, the content of the courses will vary.

We hire only world class professionals with extensive on-ground mission experience, who deliver training in the below areas:

Medical training (first aid and/or pre-hospital medical care)

Personal security

Travel planning and security

Cultural awareness

weapons familiarisation

firearms skills

risk assessment and mitigation

Kidnap and Ransom (staying alive in captivity)

interpersonal communication

conflict management

hostile environment scenarios

personal security

common threats

identifying surveillance

vehicle security

evasive and advanced driving


plus many more individually requested modules

coming up early 2024

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