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Data Privacy, Protection & Security

EPM Global Ltd adheres to the laws and regulations surrounding data protection and privacy found in the Data Protection Act 2018, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
In doing so, we ensure that we secure our assets and information to best practices and continually improve in this area as technology and the attack surface advances.

If you would like to view our practices on data protection you can read our Privacy Policy.


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Quality Policy

EPM Global Ltd has embedded quality policy and processes which ensure we have a consistent approach to the subjects important to our customers and staff. Recruitment, selection and vetting are high priorities. We select only the highest quality operatives and staff and ensure they have the appropriate vetting in line with British Standards.

Our operations are underpinned by our Professional Standards and Code of Ethical Conduct Policy which we rigorously impose.
Our appointed managers and leaders quality assure operations to ensure we are continuously improving.

We know our clients expect the highest levels of discretion and our social media and online activity policy sets clear guidelines to our staff, in respect of client confidentiality. We also ensure robust non-disclosure agreements to further protect our clients’ privacy.

We also put great importance on our operatives and staff maintaining high levels of training, competence, and professional development.

Legal Accountability

We understand and acknowledge our duty to keep you safe and strive to put in place appropriate and scalable resources to manage any risk. We will carry out due diligence on your behalf and discuss risk management, risk tolerance and residual risk ownership to find the best security solution to fit your needs.

Legal accountability, ethical security operations, peace of mind, moral conscience are all behind our service delivery and decision making.

Our operations are underpinned with liability and indemnity insurance.

Compliance & Accreditations

We work closely with the security industry’s governing and accreditation bodies to uphold national and international best standards. We fully adhere to and are 100% compliant with the legal framework underpinned by the Private Industry Security Act 2001.

Our close protection services reflect the standards required in the British Standards BS8507 – code of practice for close protection services.

Our recruitment and vetting processes also embrace BS7858 which sets a British Standard for vetting around individuals who are to be employed in an environment where the security and safety of people is a requirement.

We are assessed and accredited with international best standards via our ISO9001 Quality Management Systems accreditations. Our UK Safer Security accreditation underpins our compliance with British Industry Standards.
These accreditations and credentials serve as an assurance that we conduct our business by the laws and regulations applicable to the markets and countries in which we operate.

Our Commitments

Equal Opportunities

Whether our employees, contractors, or people we work with, we commit to providing equal opportunities to all. Every person should have the opportunity to grow and progress. We take pride in promoting this view.

Environment & Sustainability

Our focus on innovation ensures that we are at the forefront of promoting sustainability within the security industry. Our purpose is to deliver sustainability throughout our organisation, integrated into every business decision made.
We are setting targets to become more energy-efficient and in turn, reduce CO2 emissions.
From supply chain choices through to internal waste, we aim to reduce waste at every stage