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Sharing the knowledge and exchanging experiences is critical for promotion of the best security practises. EPM Global is readily available to serve with the professional expertise. Our senior leaders lend their analytical skills to conduct the security audits, to later share the deep insight into the physical, legal, logistical, jurisdictional, operational risks and challenges any of our clients might face. We then create the individually crafted strategies, policies, and procedures to mitigate the risks.

Security Audits

EPM Global are experts in conducting thorough security audits, be it for our future and existing operations clients, or those who need an evaluation on their current security efficiency.

Our audits include:

  • Site security surveys and assessments
  • Operational review including physical security assessment
  • Procedural review including the audit of policies, procedures and certifications
  • Cyber security review
  • Risk assessments
  • Security systems testing

Risk Management

EPM Global specialises in assessing security risks in the areas of our expertise, and we provide in-depth risk management plans and solutions, including:

  • Asset protection strategies
  • Crisis and disaster management
  • Evacuation planning
  • Medical risk assessments
  • Travel risk management
  • Mission risk assessment and pre-deployment planning
  • Cyber security solutions


Our team of private investigation and intelligence experts are trained to use a myriad of specialist techniques and tradecraft.

  • Human Source Intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Imagery-based Intelligence (IMINT)
  • Reconnaissance & Surveillance

We take these measures to gain crucial insight into critical aspects, risks, threats and solutions. Our technical abilities give us the upper hand in basic intelligence (what’s happened), current intelligence (what’s happening), estimative intelligence (what could happen) and warning intelligence (how is it developing). Armed with this intel, we can act swiftly to get ahead of any threat and take control. 
Do you have a personal or business matter that needs investigation? Do you trust the people around you, or are you worried that your privacy, interests, safety and reputation could be at risk?
We can help. We will watch your back so that you can focus on your vision.