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Executive Profile

Close Protection

Close Protection is in the core of EPM’s operations. We provide world class Close Protection Operatives (CPOs) domestically and internationally.

We build resilient prevention plans and protect against threats such as privacy exploitation, intimidation, harassment, humiliation, theft, extortion, kidnapping, ransom seeking, physical assault, and murder.

We pride ourselves in highest standards in Safety and Quality Assurance, therefore we attract the best talent in the market. We have a team of multi-lingual male and female CPOs, who all passed a complex and thorough pre-employment assessment. They are all highly trained, vetted with years of exemplary service from backgrounds such as military, law enforcement, royal and diplomatic protection, government security services and private VIP protection.

We continuously invest in the training, as well as personal and professional skills development of our all our team members to ensure their high levels of personal engagements in projects and missions we assign them with.

Our Clients

We work for clients who need the highest clearance professional Close Protection. Amongst our valued regular clients, we have executive profile individuals, families, celebrities and professionals working in hostile environments such as media reporters and NGO workers. We take on both long term support projects, as well as one off missions. You can find some of the testimonials here.

Accreditations and Compliance

We are fully compliant with the legal framework underpinned by the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

Our close protection services reflect the standards required in the British Standards BS8507 – code of practice for close protection services. 
Our recruitment and vetting processes also embrace BS7858 which sets a British Standard for vetting around individuals who are to be employed in an environment where the security and safety of people is a requirement.

All our CPOs are licensed with the Security Industry Authority, police background checked in accordance with the law, first-aid trained and insured.

As a leading security services company are assessed and accredited with international best standards via our ISO9001 Quality Management Systems accreditations.

Our UK Safer Security accreditation underpins our compliance with British Industry Standards.

Our Approach

We only work with bespoke approach to our clients needs. Our process always starts with consultation and in-depth assessment. We consider all the factors; such as the circumstance, lifestyle, concerns, risks, and threats. We then create the individual Close Protection strategy (which includes the structure of the operations, protocols and all additional factors that came out throughout the assessment), only then we start the team selection process.

Our CPO profiles are carefully selected for each mission and project ensuring not only the full skills compatibility, but also the perfect match of characters and personalities for our client’s needs.

Asset Protection

EPM Global has complementary approach to wholesome Security Service delivery, therefore since the first days in Close Protection and Residential Security operations, we have been trusted with protection of our client’s assets. We take full ownership of the assets trusted with us, including purchases, transport, and ongoing protection.

We have long standing experience in handling and protecting:

  • Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Jewellery, Bullion & Cash
  • Private Aircraft
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Yachts
  • Documents
  • Gadgets
  • Art Collections

Residence and Estates

EPM Global offers comprehensive Residential Security Management, from the Security Strategy, through system installations, cyber security solutions, private investigations, reputation management, employee vetting, advanced due diligence, asset protection, to providing residence staff, including 24/7 guards, mobile CPOs, drivers, and personal estate managers.

We have years of experience working with individuals and their families, public figures, corporate residencies as well as luxury hotels. We have successfully ensured protection against privacy infringement, blackmail, litigation, robbery, physical harm, ransom seeking, humiliation, reputation damage, political persecution, and other criminal threats.

Travel Support

We are at hand to strategically plan and execute any travel security needs, from the itineraries, through logistics and safe accommodation, to ensuring highest class CPOs who posses travel management skills. Our robust global network of multi-lingual operatives and contractors comes with deep knowledge of local cultures, laws, procedures, and strong relationships with key people of influence. We support leisure travel, business trips, overseas business site set up, logistics operators who need to keep their cargo and personnel safe, organisations deploying employees abroad, touring performers, athletes and sports teams, non-governmental organisations, diplomatic missions, relocation strategies and more complex mission support, which we describe in further details here

Security Installations

We work with the leading providers and high-tech security solution consultants to be ensure the newest and best proven security systems including alarm systems, CCTV, door entry systems, safes, panic rooms, asset, and personal trackers. We also conduct the audits of existing systems and offer upgrades.

Hospitality Support

Drawing on nearly two decades of experience in London’s Mayfair luxury hotel market, our operations team manage the full hospitality offer. We provide 24/7 security guards, CPOs, security system installations in venues, event support, drivers, and chauffeurs. We can also accommodate any hospitality related last minute requests that fall outside the security operations framework, and will be happy to discuss further any of your individual needs.