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For the UK Mainland & Territories


We provide security consultancy and operational services to individuals and organisations domestically and globally. Our consultancy services allow you to gain deep insight into the physical, legal, logistical, jurisdictional, operational risks and challenges you face so that you can make informed decisions with regards to your projects and operations.

Our experts specialise in crafting the best strategies, policies, and procedures to mitigate the risks and challenges you face so you can operate with peace of mind knowing that you, your assets, interests and reputation are safe.

Consultancy services offered include:
  • Physical Security Surveys & Audits
  • Digital Security
  • Surveys & Audits
  • Health & Safety Audits
  • Risk Mitigation & Security Planning
  • Personnel Vetting
  • Advanced Due Diligence
  • Security Systems Installations

These services can be provided for various scenarios, projects, events, operations and installations such as commercial and residential properties.


With a growing threat to safety and privacy, many individuals and organisations seek expert protective services. At EPM Global, we specialise in providing world-class close protection services to our domestic and international clients. We protect our clients, their families, their assets, interests, employees and organisations against threats such as privacy exploitation, intimidation, harassment, humiliation, theft, extortion, kidnap, physical harm.

Our bodyguards are hand-picked, thoroughly vetted and experienced operatives who come with years of exemplary services in the military, law enforcement, royal and diplomatic protection, government security services and high-risk personal protection backgrounds. Our continued professional development and readiness training ensure our operatives are always prepared and equipped to deal with any situation at any time.

Whatever your protection needs are, we guarantee to keep you safe.


Intelligence gathering and analysis are critical components of any successful risk-mitigating security operation. Our team of private investigation and intelligence experts are trained to use a myriad of specialist techniques and tradecraft.

We use intelligence gathering techniques such as:
  • Human Source Intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Imagery-based Intelligence (IMINT)
  • Reconnaissance & Surveillance

We take these measures to gain crucial insight into critical aspects, risks, threats and solutions. Our technical abilities give us the upper hand in basic intelligence (what’s happened), current intelligence (what’s happening), estimative intelligence (what could happen) and warning intelligence (how is it developing). Armed with this intel, we can act swiftly to get ahead of any threat and take control.
Do you have a personal or business matter that needs investigation? Do you trust the people around you, or are you worried that your privacy, interests, safety and reputation could be at risk?
We can help. We will watch your back so that you can focus on your vision.


Your assets are important to you and therefore are of utmost importance to us. We will facilitate the management, protection and transportation of your prized possessions.

Private individuals and organisations worldwide trust us to look after their:
  • Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Jewellery, Bullion & Cash
  • Private Aircraft
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Yachts
  • Documents
  • Gadgets
  • Art Collections

Investing in our services is investing in your peace of mind because with us by your side, you can enjoy your possessions without worry.

Travel & Mission Support

Traveling across the globe can be overwhelming and very risky. We have a robust global network of multi-lingual operatives with deep knowledge of local cultures, laws, procedures, and strong relationships with key people of influence. We are at hand to strategically plan and execute your travel itinerary and logistics. We are also at hand to open dialogue with people of interest, train you and your people on how to stay safe in hostile and unpredictable environments, and provide all levels of mission support, including medical aid, extraction, and evacuation.

Travel & Mission Support services are available to:
  • Individuals and groups going on private holidays, tours & business trips

  • Journalists and media teams travelling to remote & hostile areas

  • Logistics operators who need to keep their cargo & personnel safe

  • Organisations deploying employees abroad

  • Touring performers, athletes & sports teams

  • Non-governmental organisations

  • Diplomatic missions


Our security guards are hand-picked, trained, vetted, licensed and experienced professionals. They are available 24/7 for static guard duties, CCTV operation, mobile patrols and front of house security.

We provide guards for:
  • Residential Property Security

  • Commercial Property Security

  • Diplomatic Premise Security

  • Private Member Club Security

  • Luxury Hotel & Casino Security

  • Retail Security

  • Event Security

  • Film Set Security


We facilitate the installation of physical security equipment such as:
  • Alarm & Early Warning Systems
  • Door Entry Systems
  • CCTV
  • Safes & Vaults 
  • Panic Rooms
  • Asset & Personnel Trackers.

We have excellent working relationships with the world’s leading security equipment providers. This allows us to source and install state-of-the-art systems swiftly.



Drawing on over 12 years of experience in the Mayfair luxury hotel market, our staffing solutions team knows what is expected from the most discerning clientele. We take pride in fulfilling requests that others may say “can’t be done”.

Our event and banqueting staff are mentored in finesse and ettiequte by our seasoned hospitality experts. They are held accountable to the gold standard in the performance of their duties where excellence is non-negotiable. Allow us to provide you with service tailored to your specific needs, and rest assured that our team will integrate seamlessly into your operation.