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giving you peace of mind in a turbulent and unforgiving world

One of the key areas of EPM Global’s expertise is overall mission support for those operating in hostile environments. Our leaders and operatives have years of experience in pre-deployment strategies, as well as on-ground experience in sensitive and complex missions. We offer consulting as well as full management of missions across the globe

Non-Governmental Organisations

We understand the nature of the work and sensitivities involved in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in often non-permissive, uncertain, hostile, and high-risk environments. We have been working with NGO teams in South America, Africa, Ukraine and Asia, providing comprehensive services in the areas of risk management, location intelligence, mission planning, close protection of high-profile ambassadors and NGO professionals, on-the-ground mission management.
We have collaborated with NGOs involved in humanitarian aid, as well as the organisations running anti-poaching campaigns and operations. We provide tactical and medical training, as well as an array of bespoke support services to rangers, NGO workers, communities and organisations on the frontline of the complex missions.

Journalism and Media

EPM Global has a great reputation for supporting journalists and media operators on their missions in conflict and hostile environments. We have worked with teams from all over the world, assisting them with the logistics and itinerary planning, providing necessary protective equipment, and linking them with trusted points of contact necessary for their personal safety as well as the comprehensive delivery of the news and stories they are required to cover. 

Government and diplomatic missions

EPM Global collaborates with diplomatic missions of governmental bodies, providing both – comprehensive pre-deployment planning and on-the-ground mission support, as well as pre-deployment training provided to public servants.