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On the second day of the Ukraine conflict, EPM Global's management mobilized to the Polish-Ukrainian border in Medyka to provide security assistance to their client. Following an intensive 48-hour period of crisis management operations at the border, the EPM Team initiated a strategic ingress into Ukrainian territory to extend their security measures and support capabilities directly within the affected region.Engaged in active crisis management, the EPM team meticulously coordinated logistics, delivered aid to impacted individuals and organizations, facilitating crucial communication channels, and diligently implemented safety protocol based on strong local assets.
End of March 2022
During the initial four weeks of the conflict, our strategic positioning within Ukraine has proven instrumental in effectively managing the evolving crisis landscape. Leveraging our robust network of local assets, we have established a formidable presence in the country and swiftly mobilized resources to address emergent challenges. Key highlights of our efforts during this critical period include:

Establishment of Crisis Management Team: Recognizing the urgent need for coordinated response efforts, we established a dedicated Crisis Management team permanently based in Ukraine. Comprising seasoned Ex Polish and British SF professionals with expertise in security, logistics, and crisis communication, this team serves as the nerve centre for our operations, ensuring swift and decisive action in response to evolving threats.

Deployment of Security Advisors: In collaboration with major television channels worldwide, we deployed security advisors to six prominent TV channels operating in the region. These advisors provided critical guidance and support to media personnel, enabling them to navigate through hazardous environments safely and continued delivering vital news coverage amidst the chaos of conflict.

Evacuation of Civilians: In a humanitarian effort to safeguard civilian lives, together with Ukrainian uniformed services we conducted successful evacuation operations, rescuing over 160 individuals from the active war zone and facilitated their relocation to safety in Poland. By prioritizing the safety and well-being of vulnerable populations, we demonstrated our unwavering commitment to upholding humanitarian principles in the face of adversity.

Extraction of Expatriates: Recognizing the heightened risks faced by expatriates working for international companies in Ukraine, we executed targeted extraction operations to ensure their safe departure from the conflict-affected areas. Through meticulous planning and seamless execution, we facilitated the timely evacuation of expatriate personnel, enabling them to reunite with their families and loved ones in secure locations.


Protection of Vulnerable Individuals: In a poignant display of compassion and solidarity, we  undertook the delicate task of extracting babies and surrogates from the conflict zone, prioritizing their safety and welfare amidst the tumult of war. Through thorough coordination with relevant authorities and humanitarian organizations, we ensured the safe evacuation and relocation of these vulnerable individuals to secure facilities where their needs could have been met with care and compassion.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, our efforts during the first four weeks of the war underscore our unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives, preserving stability, and mitigating the impact of conflict on vulnerable populations. Through strategic foresight, operational agility, and unwavering dedication to our mission, we remain steadfast in our resolve to uphold the principles of security, humanity, and resilience in the midst of adversity.

April 2022
We intensified our NGO support, notably broadening our scope of operations in Ukraine beyond initial estimations.

Our deployment encompasses seven armoured vehicles staffed with advisors, reinforced by the execution of an augmented, all-encompassing security framework tailored to our personnel.

Affirming our standing as a respected security entity within the region, we initiated assistance to corporate executives, insurance entities, and media corporations in crafting resilient travel risk mitigation strategies.

Furthermore, we introduced new service offerings, including armoured vehicle leasing and Quick Reaction Force (QRF) deployment capabilities.

June 2022
On the specified date, a ballistic missile of Russian origin, identified as the Iskander type, targeted and impacted a prominent dining establishment situated within the urban confines of Kramatorsk, located in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. As a result of this deliberate act of aggression, Ukrainian special operations units documented a total of 13 fatalities and 65 individuals sustaining severe injuries.

Following this incident, operatives from EPM Global were were temporarily placed in the city to provide strategic and operational humanitarian mission support for one of the international non-government organisations, which supports Ukrainian civilians with meals prepared in temporarily set-up kitchens.

From July 2022 onwards
 Two years of service in Ukraine.

February 2024 marked the two year of Ukrainian conflict and therefore put a milestone on our timeline of operational work in the country. We are now a premier risk management consultancy, we hold a prominent position in providing travel risk management and security solutions within Ukraine.

Since the onset of the conflict, EPM Global has executed over 70 contracts for smaller and larger tasks trusted to us by more than 15 corporate and private clients, for which we have engaged over 30 security advisors who collectively delivered over 5800 days of operations.

Risk Management Consultancy:

  • We are recognized as a leading authority in risk management specializing in travel risk management and security solutions specifically within the Ukrainian context.

Expertise in Pre-deployment Strategies:

  • We are proficient in formulating comprehensive pre-deployment strategies tailored to mitigate risks associated with travel and operations within Ukraine.


On-the-Ground Security Services:

  • We deliver robust on-the-ground security services designed to safeguard Western dignitaries and media organizations operating in the region.
  • We implement proactive measures to address potential threats and ensure the safety of personnel and assets.

Specialized Close Protection Operatives:

  • We provide highly trained Close Protection operatives proficient in safeguarding Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals engaged in philanthropic activities in Ukraine.
  • We tailor security protocols to suit the unique requirements and preferences of each client, ensuring discreet and effective protection.

Medical Evacuations and Repatriations:

  • We facilitate prompt and efficient medical evacuations and repatriations in case of emergencies, prioritizing the well-being and safety of clients.
  • We maintain a network of trusted medical professionals and transportation resources to expedite the evacuation process while ensuring quality care throughout.