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Security Concerns in Mykonos

Introduction to Mykonos: The Island of Winds

The Island of Winds of the Aegean Sea has been one of the favorite hang-out spots for ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals for decades. In the late 2010s, it became the new hotspot for those eager to enjoy the full splendor of a Mediterranean island during both day and night. Luxury villas, private yachts, and helicopters are now regular sights, and the queues at Mykonos’ famous nightclubs have never been longer.

Rising Crime Rates Amidst Growing Popularity

With its popularity among the rich, sadly, grew the popularity among criminals. Mykonos’ crime rates have reached shocking numbers, as high as 71% on a crime rate scale, one of the highest in Europe. Over the past few years, there have been many reports of criminal incidents, including villa break-ins, robbery, jewelry and watch snatching, and physical assaults.

Climate Activists’ Attacks

Recent reports also include attacks by climate activists on the assets of high-net-worth individuals, such as private jet and yacht vandalism. The island still seems to be quite a safe place to walk around during the daytime; however, safety falls to 25% at night. Due to the size and seasonality of the island’s lifestyle, the transportation infrastructure is overexhausted, often making attempts to arrange transport a frustrating and time-consuming task.

EPM Global’s Solutions

EPM Global has built strong connections based on needs with local partners who represent our high standards, providing security and transportation, including car, boat, and helicopter transfers to and on the prestigious island. Whether your visit includes plans to spend quality time with the family or enjoy the nightlife, EPM selects the right individual who will fit into the role to meet your expectations and fulfill your needs. With most agents being locally based, we can respond to short-notice visits.

If you need any services in Mykonos, please contact us.