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As from Monday, 8th January, president Daniel Noboa declared a 60-day state of emergency across Ecuador. A nationwide curfew was imposed, and the military was authorised to patrol the streets and take control of the prisons.

While foreigners required to work in the region would not be directly threatened by the current escalation, it is advised to implement additional measures, based on local security intelligence, to ensure safety when operating in Ecuador.

Security – how is the situation in Ecuador?

Ecuador has been known for its relative stability in the region. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, which severely impacted the country, violence has surged. Ecuador relies on the export of crude oil, shrimp, bananas, and coffee. However, sandwiched between the world’s two largest cocaine producers – Colombia and Peru, it serves as a sea departure point for the drug traffickers. The years of the pandemic have allowed the gangs to develop their relationships and increase criminal activity, intensifying conflicts between the drug gangs.

The recently announced state of emergency is directly related to the Sunday disappearance of Adolfo ‘Fito’ Macias from the prison where he was serving a 34-year sentence for drug trafficking crimes. Mr. Macias is the head of Los Choneros – one of Ecuador’s most powerful gangs, believed to have been the country’s first to forge ties with Mexican drug cartels. His disappearance from the prison in Guayaquil has triggered a wave of prison disobedience and gang violence. The Ecuadorian government reported at least 30 attacks since Sunday, including the incident at the TC Television in Guayaquill, where armed and masked gang members broke into the live tv broadcast, forcing the staff members to the ground.

The president’s severe reaction stems from his campaign promises to ensure better safety for the citizens. Fernando Villavicencio, a previous presidential candidate who vocally opposed gang activity in the country, is said to have been assassinated in August. Noboa, who took the office in November, stated in his video message on Monday “The time is over when drug-trafficking convicts, hit men and organized crime dictate to the government what to do”.

EPM Global’s activities in Ecuador – what are we doing?

EPM Global Ltd has been active in the region for years, and we have a dedicated team on the ground in Ecuador. Our security advisors have many years of experience working across Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America and Mexico, including complex hostile areas. We also have a significant number of Close Protection Operatives and drivers. We are ready to support with security consultancy in the broad area of security services, including risk management, close protection, relocations, evacuations, asset protection, and many other services which can be explain in further details in direct conversation.

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